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Care & Sizing


Our base material is sterling silver, which is an alloy of silver containing at least 92.5% silver by weight. Naturally, sterling silver is strong and durable, resistant to sweat, water or rain and can sustain most daily activities. In order to retain its original fierceness and prevent a fast natural tarnishing, we recommend that you:

- Avoid wearing your jewellery while cleaning, bathing, gardening or performing sports activities.
- Protect it from hard knocks, scratching and extreme heat or cold.
- Keep it away from perfumes, body lotions, hair sprays, cleaning agents, chlorine and salt water.
- Store it in the box provided when not in use to avoid tarnishing. If stored for long periods use a zip lock bag for extra protection.
- Do not store in the bathroom or any humid area.
- Polish your jewellery regularly with a polishing cloth/pouch, especially after wear in hot, humid or wet environments.

MOTS jewellery is crafted to last a lifetime and more!


For the ring sizes we use the European Ring Size System, where the number of each size simply translates to the circumference of the inside of the ring in millimeters. For example, a size 52 would mean that the inside circumference of the ring is also 52mm. 

To place an order for a ring it is essential that you know your accurate size. Though there are many ways to estimate your ring size at home, we recommend visiting a local jeweler to have your finger accurately measured. If this is not possible, you may purchase our reusable ring sizer (soon available online).